A vision for change

Stonewall published their first 5 year trans inclusion document in April.

Stonewall is the top LGBT charity and campaigning group in the UK. Famously before a change of CEO in 2015 Stonewall were very much a LG and B only charity. However, now under some very careful direction from new CEO Ruth Hunt we are at a point where Stonewall have tried to consult with as many of the UK trans community as possible, it has a trans advisory group, a head of trans policy, its staff have been trained up on trans issues by a variety of the UK’s leading trans groups and it has already released several trans workplace guides.

Their new ‘A Vision for Change‘ document has been written by their trans advisory group who are all trans people and then went out to consultation to all trans people via a series of events with the Stonewall team across the UK and feedback was accepted in writing or via their dedicated phone line.

Stonewall ‘A Vision for Change’ cover

The document is split in to ways that we individually, as workplaces and how Stonewall themselves will work to achieve trans equality in the UK.

Areas included empowering individuals, transforming institutions and changing laws.

Every person should take time to read this document and devise their own action plan so that you personally can help to bring about better trans equality in the UK for yourself/your friends or family, your workplace and for others.

Download the document from Stonewall’s website today.